Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Gen III HPLV Regulator release

The High-Gain Tuning adjustable fuel pressure regulator was first designed over 2 years ago to fine tune the air / fuel mixture of the Direct Injected "DiTech" engines after any performance mods have been made while keeping the cost to a minimum. Any change to the engine will require a different air / fuel mixture than what it was programmed for to run at optimum performance.

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Since the Ditech is a minimum function (has no O2 sensor feedback) computer controlled fuel system it doesn't know when you have made changes. The results are very seldom ever in your favor and the money spent provides questionable gain in performance and often a decrease in performance.

As seen in the Dyno graph above, adding a performance pipe gave the Ditech a peak HP gain but throughout the most important power band the engine became lean resulting in a large horse power dip. The HGT adjustable fuel pressure regulator not only removes the lean horse power dip but adds .8 more horse power where it's needed most.

With a carbureted engine you can change the jets to compensate for a leaner running engine when performance pipes or intake systems are added but it is a time consuming dirty task and usually hit and miss.
The High-Gain Tuning adjustable fuel pressure regulator installs quicker than a single jet change and once it's done all it takes to tune the air / fuel mixture after a mod is made is a screw adjustment. Imagine being able to change jets in a carbureted engine in 10 seconds while the engine is sitting there idling then hopping on to test the results!! Not only is it a 10 second adjustment, with the onboard fuel pressure and air pressure gauges you know instantly and exactly what change you have made and can easily document it.
High Gain Tuning continues to improve the  HGT adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator and since its first introduction, it has seen over 10 improvements. 


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High Gain Tuning is now testing its all new third generation HPLV (High Pressure Low Volume) adjustable fuel pressure regulator. The Gen III regulator body has a new round design CNC machined from Billet aluminum and then anodized.  It is now using a dual reinforced rubber diaphragm with a high precision stainless steel pivoting disc seat. This new internal design has an extremely accurate hold pressure with minimum pressure change over a wide range of temperatures.

Having a round design, we are not limited to gauge placement and have located the liquid filled fuel pressure gauge out front and the new high quality air pressure gauge just off to the side. This allows both gauges to be viewed together while making adjustments and diagnosing issues. The body now has an optional port to easily attach a sending unit for an additional dash mounted electronic gauge.

The New Gen III HPLV regulator will be offered in Black, Red and a Clear anodized finish with easy serviceable quick connect fittings and high pressure lines. A gauge and sending unit accessory will also be offered.

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