Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing

This 86cc SR50 build had only a couple requests... Make it fast and keep it stock looking.
Well, stock looking is where it stops. As soon as you start this SR with the electric start you know it is far from stock. Not only is it screaming fast, nearing 100 mph in my latest setup test ride it has a full functioning starting, charging, lighting and gauge package, just the way it came from the factory.

With your average 70cc to 86cc SR50 mod, they lose a lot of the features that allow it to be on a public road. CDI ignitions are nice but there are few with a lighting coil and even those are barely enough to light a single headlight. The factory transistorized ignition system is a 40,000 volt system with a large charging system. Adding just the Malossi Digitronic forces you to lose nearly every dash feature but the fuel gauge.

Doing some custom wiring and implementing the OEM ECU I bring back all of the original electrical features yet still have a racing advance curve. This SR is definitely one Big Bad Wolf.